The UK is now in a transitionperiod with the EU until the 31st December 2020 while a trade deal is being negotiated. As the UK will no longer be in a custom union with the EU, timber importers bringing wood in from the EU countries will become Operastors (instead of their current status as Traders.

From 1st January 2021 you have a new obligations you must meet. Both importers and exporters will need to ensure they have appropriate documentation to meet their new obligations under the UKTR. This guidance explains the changes to help you position your business ahead of the upcoming obligations.

For UK businesses bringing in timber/timber products from the EU/EEA into the UK they must ensure they undertake the following.

  1. Be aware of the new regulations.
  2. Research key information about your EU timber and timer products, incl, country of harvest, species, certification and how to obtain supporting document and further information from the EU suppliers upon request.
  3. Understand the risk level (related to illegal timer) in each EU member state of harvest and supply chain.
  4. Understand any existing due diligence practice put in place by your EU suppliers.
  5. Identify priority for action based on factors such as risk level (e.g. related to the country of harvest, use of certification on the product, supply chain complexity), impact (e.g. volume), or level of engagement with suppliers (e.g. availability of further info)
  6. Get familiar with the steps needed to conduct due diligence and demonstrate compliance under the UK timber regulations.
  7. Considering adding extra “terms and conditions” requesting legality and due diligence information to be shared upon request.