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We make environmental management and sustainability in your organisation easy and hassle-free. A supportive team, an inclusive approach and bespoke solutions to ​put sustainability at the heart of your business and create a community feel for your team


Over the last 30 years we have provided a variety of sustainability training sessions, helping our clients instil good sustainable practices at every level within their business. We offer a range of practical training and advice, giving you the tools to improve your sustainable credentials.

We have provided training courses in the following areas:

  • ISO9001:2014 (Awareness)
  • ISO 14001:2014 (Awareness)
  • Environmental Management systems
  • Energy (Awareness)
  • Carbon Foot-printing
  • Carbon Neutrality
  • Sustainability
  • Circular Economy
  • Duty of Care
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Producer Responsibility
  • Environmental Legislation

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Charting the course to sustainability Sustainable Roadmaps

Although every business sustainability journey is unique, many business evolve through similar stages with similar characteristics, priorities and opportunities to create value.

A sustainable roadmap provides guidance for business on how to integrate sustainability-related goals into the DNA of the business. This enables the deep integration of sustainability related and strategies across the business by illustrating best practice and highlighting the value they can create for the business across all the stages of sustainability integration.  

If you need help determining where your business is on the road to sustainability. Begin your journey with us.


Independent evaluation


Businesses now need to ensure that both existing and planned processes are designed and operated in line with the guiding principles of Sustainability, which we recognise can be a significant challenge. Our audits are an excellent way of helping you to measure your  business performance in addition to enabling you to make informed decisions about managing your processes. This will allow you to implement best practices under the three pillars of sustainability.


Let us help transform your business by placing the pieces of the puzzle together through a variety of assessment services to help demonstrate more than just a commitment to sustainability. We will ensure you minimise your environmental, social and economic impacts which will improve your sustainability performance keeping you compliant to national and international environmental regulations.


Sustainability Audit

Our audit is a systematic and rigorous step-by-step audit which looks at your positive and negative risks. These are then translated into real operating designs and practices which can deliver new innovative solutions, most importantly, we will not compromise the business financial outcomes.

Waste Audit

Our experienced sustainability consultant will evaluate and analyse your current waste management processes and provide recommendations on where operational efficiencies, cost savings and where improved environmental performance can be achieved. We are not a waste broker, so we do more than just look at your waste and place a cost on it, we provide you with an in-depth report which is an independent non partial opinion.

Gap Analysis

There is a plethora of legislation, targets, consumer campaigns and industry initiatives which can make it difficult to define a strategic approach to sustainability and implement change. Our independent gap analysis can help business integrate sustainability into their products and operations and make improvements to reduce the impacts on the environment.

So whether you are looking towards the road of sustainability, ISO4001 or just developing a EMS our gap analysis will provide a fresh perspective on there practices. Every business will find these useful in assisting with benchmarking sustainable performance whilst also preparing for future legislative requirements and potential risks and opportunities that these factors may present.

Life Cycle Assessment LCA

A LCA is a “cradle to the grave” analysis which makes it possible to identify and quantify the flows of energy and material used in every stage of the lifecycle of a product or service and make conclusions based on comparing the results. with the objectives that drove the LCA.

Our (LCA) is based around the ISO14040 benchmark used to assess the environmental impacts of a product or material from its origin through to disposal.


Everybody’s talking about sustainability these days and there is no shortage of ideas about it, what it really means and how to achieve it. However, there are a lot of sustainability myths that exist because of misunderstandings or false statements.

Myth: Carbon offsetting is the answer

Carbon offsetting is when the emissions you create are balanced by the initiatives you support which absorb the equivalent of your emissions. You may have seen companies say that they have a goal to reach net-zero carbon or become carbon neutral. This usually means that they are funding renewable energy.

However, it does not solve the issue that the company funding renewable energy is still producing emissions. This is a form of greenwashing and does not actually contribute to the global problem.

Myth: Sustainability is equal to recycling

Recycling is an important component of sustainability work, but it’s only a part of the story. A greater consideration is the long-term protection of the raw material.

In many cases, recycling may act as a plaster, but the real solution is designing out, reducing or reusing our waste.